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Client: Virvar

Dynamic logo design

Virvar is an upcoming indie publisher and performance group from Copenhagen, consisting of three musicians and a spoken word poet.  They perform for live audiences, improvising the music as well as the simultaneous storytelling, making each session unique and different every time.


The idea for the Virvar logo has to do with the improvised nature of the groups live performances. I wanted each letter to be of a different mood and style, to represent the improvisation and diversity of the stories and the music. At the same time I had the wish that the logo should be able to change rapidly and randomly.

I did this by creating 6 variations of each letter in the Virvar logo, and then made a program that would randomly create variations from theses letter variations. In addition to this I made the program in such a way that it can be used by the client themselves to create their own favorite variation of the letters by randomly shuffling all the letters, or just shuffle certain letters in the logotype. I also made the program in a way where the client can control the size of the letters, the spacing and lastly choose to see the logotype in negative form, before deciding on a logotype variation to export as a working vector file.

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